Chair's Cheers

The program established its international class in August 2001 and became part of the International College in 2006, formally creating the "Applied Computing Program". Evolving with the times, we further expanded in 2020, officially launching the " Information Technology Application and Management Program" open for international enrollment.

In this rapidly advancing digital era, the role of information technology has become increasingly crucial and diverse. The program is dedicated to cultivating individuals with exceptional knowledge in information technology and managerial skills to meet the demands of modern society for technical expertise and leadership. Through the curriculum of this program, students gain proficiency in integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application. Additionally, we actively encourage students to participate in various academic activities and professional competitions to broaden their professional perspectives.

Whether you aspire to become a professional in the field of information technology or seek a balance between information technology and management, we warmly welcome your participation. Here, you will not only find a source of knowledge but also discover a learning environment filled with opportunities and challenges.

Let us join hands to create the future, nurture the next generation of leaders, and collectively face the challenges of the digital era!

We look forward to welcoming you!