Congratulate to ITM program Full-time Faculty 尹邦嚴 professor and 李大衛 professor receiving National Science and Technology Council project grants

Professor 尹邦嚴 from our program receiving the program grant, Project name: Robust and sustainable maintenance planning of micro-sensor IoT for wide-area air quality monitoring, Project Overview: Human and Social The implementation of this project can improve citizens’ awareness of air pollution hazards and ensure the robustness and sustainability of the Internet of Things for air quality monitoring, which is in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.
Professor 李大衛 from our program receiving the program grant, Project name: Research on Big Data Analysis and Prediction of Electric Vehicle Charging Demand Combining Charging Pile Failure and Meteorological Factors, Project overview: This project designs a novel deep learning prediction model framework that combines electric vehicle charging pile failures and climate change factors, and proposes an original method that can improve the accuracy of predicting electric vehicle charging demand in complex environments Research.